So, who has been here, already?

The 22nd of January 2014 : Vladimir Pletser, the Homo Parabolicus

The 29th of January 2014 : Michaël Gillon, the planet hunter

The 5th of February 2014 : Dominique Tilmans, the exploration advocate

The 12th of February 2014: Sandy Tirtey, the hypersonic vehicle whisperer

The 19th of February 2014: Pierre-François Migeotte, the flying physicist

The 26th of February 2014: MDRS Crew 136

The 5th of March 2014 : Koen De Beule, the problem solver

The 12th of March 2014 : Jeroen Cappaert, here to NanoSatisti you thirst of science

The 19th of March 2014 : Véronique Dehant … women are from Mars

The 26th of March 2014: Gaetan Kerschen: where are satellites and how to they move?

Upcoming interviews:

The 2nd of April 2014: Jean-François Mayence, the space lawyer

The 9th of April 2014: Thierry Magin, the high-energy mathematician


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